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In my current position as a Content Marketing manager, I am responsible for writing top-tier articles and constructing strategy for a variety of clients. Subjects range from productivity tools, call-center thought leadership pieces, CX how-to articles, and more. This is a small sample of the articles that have been published in the last six months. 

What Makes a Great Customer Experience?

According to Statista, the most important aspects of a good customer service experience are getting the issue resolved in a single interaction, a knowledgeable customer service representative, and not repeating information if a new agent is brought in. In addition, customers don’t like having a hard time reaching a live agent and being unable to resolve the issue by themselves (more on how to solve this in our webinar and on this use case page). In 2020, 40% of customers stopped doing business

5 Examples of Exceptional Customer Service

In this age of online-first exploration, where a negative experience review can immediately attack your company or brand, companies compete to deliver the best customer service experience. Negative stories of poor customer service are media favorites—you see companies impacted by bad service or products on an almost-daily basis in social media channels. Although not as commonly told, tales of positive customer service experiences are out there, too. And, they can serve as a tremendous inspirati

9 Best Practices for Contact Center Success

The mandate is clear: Brands are putting renewed effort and focus into improving CX across the board. And this charge undoubtedly includes giving attention to your call center. How well your customer experience is received will make the difference between sinking and swimming in this economy. But improving your customer service best practices isn’t an easy process. It takes strategy, planning, and a sharp focus on making the customer happy. It also requires careful analysis of the customer sati

6 Steps to Improve Your Digital Customer Experience

Many companies might think they have great CX or know their customer’s journey: 81% of companies view customer experience as the differentiator among competitors, beating out price. The CEM (customer experience management) market—worth $7.6 billion in 2020—expects a 17.5% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) from 2021 to 2028. That’s a considerable investment in the burgeoning customer experience marketplace. But some customers may disagree. According to one study, 54% of customer believe that mo

Customer Experience Strategy: How To Create & Update a CX Strategy

There’s a big gap between what companies think customers want and what customers are actually looking for in the brand experience. According to a study by , 80% of brands believe that they’re delivering an excellent experience for their buyers. However, it doesn’t align with the perception of customers: only 8% of buyers believe this is true. That’s where having a clear customer experience strategy comes in. It’s a roadmap that your team follows to make sure that the customer has a positive ex

4 Call Center Best Practices That Will Improve Your CSAT and NPS Scores

When you’re talking omnichannel support, call center managers and agents make a big deal out of CSAT and NPS numbers—and for a good reason. These call center metrics are important for dozens of reasons, including measuring future growth or tracking real-time performance for your call center. Improving your CSAT and NPS numbers is absolutely essential to the success of your call center and its growth. These call center best practices are specifically geared toward growing those all-important sco

9 Scrum Board Examples to Level Up Your Project Planning | MURAL Blog

Scrum boards foster teamwork, cooperation, and collaborative ideation and are effective as a communication tool. This is important since over 86 percent of workers cite lack of communication as the reason projects fail. If you’re new to Scrum boards and Agile methodology, then you should approach selecting the right Scrum board like buying your first car — which means initial research on how to use it, what it’s good for, and if it suits your needs. These Scrum board examples will quickly advanc

Scrum Task Board: What is It and How Do You Use It? | MURAL Blog

You’re in charge of a large project at work — but you’ve just been handed a list of problems with a supporting cast of various team members with different responsibilities. Although the deadline for the project hasn’t yet been formalized, you’re told you basically have a month to sort it out and get the project rolling. Before you begin any project or decide to scale any project up or down, you need to visualize team members, key stakeholders, and objectives so that your project has clear goa

What Is the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and Why Does It Matter?

Customer experience is a major area of focus right now—and for good reason. Companies that improve their digital customer experience see: Your customers are the only ones who can tell you how you’re doing in customer experience. Knowing as much as you can about your customer’s perception will not only lead to a better support experience, but drive retention, loyalty, and revenue. Today, the focus is on using the customer satisfaction score (CSAT) to determine how customers view your brand. The

Understanding What CSAT Is and Why It Matters for CX-Focused Brands

You’ve probably heard the old cliché that the customer is always right. And you’ve probably heard it many times. That’s because the customer is always right, even when they’re wrong. Why? Because in any business, if you don’t have happy, satisfied customers, it’s almost guaranteed that your competition will. Determining how satisfied your customers are requires you to dive deep into different metrics. Needless to say, it can be confusing! Which metrics are the most important? Which should you u

Using Your Customer Satisfaction Score to Empower Agents and Delight Customers

A customer service agent’s ultimate goal is to create delight in the customer’s eyes, going above and beyond the customer’s normal expectation of service because 74% of customers are likely to purchase your service or product based on their positive experience alone. Customer experience will rely heavily on your agents doing a great job—and arming them with the right tools is an important first step. It’s not surprising that 56% of companies use customer satisfaction survey data to monitor the

How a Better Customer Experience Strategy Starts With Multi-Channel Teamwork

Companies want their customers to achieve the ultimate in satisfaction: a consistent and satisfying experience throughout their journey with their product or service, in whatever communication channel they prefer. From before, during, and after the sale process, the customer journey through a brand is a great way to identify pain points and develop a strategy to address them. After all, 90% of American consumers rate customer service as their number one factor in determining whether or not to do

Improve Customer Loyalty By Meeting Consumers In Their Preferred Channel

You can’t help people if you can’t find them. When you’re looking to improve customer loyalty, you need to start where the customers are—meaning you reach and integrate into all the channels they use, like phone, text, live chat, email, social media, and customer portals. And reaching across all of those portals with consistency is the foundation of omnichannel support. If you can find your customer where they are (read: in their preferred channel), then you can focus your strategy on building

The Keys to Building Positive Customer Relationships: A Guide to CSAT Surveys

Customer satisfaction should be the number one goal of any customer service professional. But short of calling up every customer and asking, it’s time consuming and difficult to understand how a customer feels. How can you get into your customer’s headspace without being too intrusive? CSAT surveys, which are the key to building positive customer relationships, are the best way to accomplish this. But effectively using them means knowing your customer and identifying which questions to ask and

10 Customer Satisfaction Metrics You Need to Track To Build Delight in Customers

“Delight,” in terms of customer satisfaction metrics, simply means going above and beyond for your customer in ways that make them feel especially recognized or rewarded. Tl;dr—delight is wowing your customer with an incredible experience. To measure delight, you have to know your customer and chart their journey through the product or service you offer. A customer who is satisfied by an overwhelmingly positive experience is likely to spend 140% more after that experience than customers who rep

A Complete, Usable Guide to Customer Satisfaction

At its core, the definition of customer satisfaction is about how effectively you fulfill the needs and expectations of your customer. But that definition covers a lot of ground. Satisfying the customer can involve everything from simply answering their questions and resolving their issues to directing them to the proper resources or channels. Customer satisfaction is easily measurable with a few key metrics, the foremost being CSAT—customer satisfaction score. CSAT scores are determined by cus

How to Design a Customer Satisfaction Survey That Gets Results

CSAT surveys serve as a guidepost for a customer’s journey with your product or brand. You’re going to need that guidepost if you want to create a strategy that’ll ultimately bring the customer greater satisfaction. But your survey is only as good as the way it’s crafted. Writing good questions is a great start, but there are other factors to consider for the most effective surveys—like rating system, the length of the survey, and how well you empathize with the customer’s experience. Let’s st

How To Use SMS Customer Service With Other Support Channels

Most customers choose SMS customer service as their preferred communication channel with a company—70% of consumers think it’s a great way for companies to reach them. Yet 48% of customers still use the phone—and prefer to speak with someone. Most customers are satisfied with a combination of the two. But staffing, as any contact center manager knows, is the most expensive part of the customer experience. You want to keep costs down, but you also want the customer to feel appreciated and heard.

What Is a Jira Scrum Board, and Why Do You Need It? | MURAL Blog

Using an Agile workflow — where projects are completed in small pieces and delivered on a regular two-week basis — with a Scrum board (a visual representation of all the tasks in a project) seems like a perfect match. MURAL Jira integrations make it possible to seamlessly plan and execute your product strategy by saving you valuable time otherwise spent transferring information from one software platform to another. You can manage the multiple responsibilities of any huge task by combining Sc

How To Improve Customer Communication in Each Channel

When you’re aiming for customer-centricity in your company, your primary focus should be to maintain, improve, and deliver an amazing customer experience. The first place to start is with customer communication. If you don’t optimize your communication methods, you can’t help your customers. Optimizing your communication in each channel will eventually build the foundation for developing an omnichannel strategy. An omnichannel strategy takes all of your multichannel departments and links them t
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